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Introducing TLD Kitchens

TLD has been building custom cabinetry for over 17 years for Melbourne’s best Interior designers and kitchen retailers. TLD doesn’t make flat pack boxes or deal with volume builders;  we are exclusively a bespoke wholesale cabinet manufacturer.

Since 2006, we’ve worked hard to be the supplier that will always go the extra mile to help our clients.

Our clients have won hundreds of awards from execution.

Elevate your projects with our bespoke cabinetry skills.

Our point of difference is that we really do care, because it’s all about trying to get it right for you and your client.

Our team of eight tech detailers will bring your designs to life. We’re committed to resolving any challenges swiftly, ensuring your client’s vision is realised with precision.

We supply you with our user friendly and comprehensive costing program, refined over 15 years, so you can cost jobs on the spot, no more waiting for a costing.

Showcasing our dedication to exceptional craftsmanship

Partner with us

If you’re looking for a partnership with a supplier who actually does care, then let’s have a chat

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**Please be advised that we are exclusively a wholesale cabinet maker. We work exclusively with kitchen and bathroom retailers, interior designers, boutique builders and architects. We do not have the facilities, nor insurances required, for dealing with the public, so unfortunately we are unable to assist with any request from homeowners.